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A Personal Letter From Santa

About A Letter From Santa

A Letter from Santa is a highly personalised communication from Father Christmas. Beautifully illustrated letter heads and North Pole branded envelopes the magical letters come with up to 12 personal references and numerous anecdotes from Santa. No two letters are the same, making the gift unique and personal.

At £4.99 the low retail price point high volume/margin gift is an impulsive and sought after purchase by parents who typically buy 2.4 letters and further boost baskets with linked products (Santa Calls and Text messages and Personal DVD Messages).

"It was the biggest performing item of all product lines in its particular slot, whenever it was featured on the welcome page, and I have no doubt it was instrumental in driving a lot of traffic to the kids tab over the seasonal period" - Lucie Naylor, Senior Product Manager Toys & Kids, Amazon.co.uk.

Supplying Your Customers Online

We can supply you with either a white label service or a simple trackable link to us with a revenue share arrangement via links from your site to Santa.co.uk. Some successful brands use white label solutions to enable them to offer a service without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure itself. For instance the DVD Rental services of Tesco are run by LoveFilm. You can have your own brand Greetings From Santa offering with minimal investment and zero disruption.

Please contact us for a tailored solution for your brand:


trade (at) fatherchristmas.info (sorry, had to format email this way to avoid spammers)

Tel: 01733 233 062

Supplying Your Customers In-Store: The Santa Experience

This product operates in a similar way to the hugely popular "experience in a box" type gifts, whereby the retailer is not involved in the procurement of the gift (In this case the Santa Letter). Your customer is sold a "Santa Letter Request Pack" containing everything the customer needs to get a letter from Santa for their child. We handle the fulfilment and any customer services, utilising our 10 years experience in this field.

Please contact us for a tailored solution for your brand:
trade (at) fatherchristmas.info
Tel: 01733 233 062

Wonderful Personal Greetings From Father Christmas